Renewable Energies

Oiltech Ingeniería y Proyectos S.R.L. betting for global evolution and technological development; has all the necessary things to materialize TURNKEY PROJECTS of ELECTRIC POWER PLANTS with RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES.


Biomass is the only energy source that provides a favorable CO2 balance, as long as the biomass obtaining is made in a renewable and sustainable way, so the resource consumption is made slower than the Earth capacity to regenerate.

In this way, the organic matter is capable of retaining during its growth more CO2 than the one it liberates in its combustion, without increasing the CO2.

A BIOMASS POWER PLANT is an industrial facility designed to generate electrical energy from organic resources that come from the trees.

It must use a biomass pretreatment system, whose main goals are its humidity decrease, the size adaptation and the biomass uniformity, in order to homogenize the entrance conditions to the boiler and to reach the greatest efficiency of the combustion system.

Once the thermal energy is liberated in an appropriate oven, the released gases in the combustion exchange heat in a boiler where water circulates, and that is normally converted in steam at a determined pressure and temperature.

The pressure steam made in the boiler is then carried to a TURBINE, where it expands, producing a new energetic transformation. The turbine axis is connected to an electric generator for the transformation of the rotary mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Oiltech Ingeniería y Proyectos S.R.L. has the necessary infrastructure to materialize a TURNKEY PROJECT of BIOMASS POWER PLANTS eliminating huge concentrations of organic wastes that originate forest fires and outdoor burning sites.

Also, it has a vast KNOW-HOW in the assistance, operation and maintenance of BIOMASS POWER PLANTS.


The biogas production is a unique business opportunity for the optimization of productive processes and the necessity to care the environment in a profitable way. It generates a new business opportunity from the daily organic wastes, as well as porcine, poultry, dairy farm, feedlots and the agro-industry in general.

The BIOGAS is obtained from the breakdown in the absence of oxygen, provided with optimal conditions of temperature and agitation; where the bacteria act degrading the organic matter.

The BIOFERTILIZER is a liquid byproduct from the organic matter breakdown. Also known as DIGESTATE, it is totally odorless with highly agronomic value, with improved characteristics in comparison with the starting material and of excellent nutritional composition to be applied directly into fields.

The COGENERATION is a highly energetic efficiency system, from which electrical energy (electricity) and thermal energy (heat) can be obtained from the BIOGAS.

The ELECTRICITY is generated by an internal combustion engine or co-generator to be consumed at its own facilities or to be transmitted to the national network.

El CALOR se auto consume en el proceso de fermentación y se puede utilizar para el calentamiento de diferentes instalaciones o incluso para un proceso industrial.

Oiltech Ingeniería y Proyectos S.R.L. has the necessary infrastructure to materialize a TURNKEY PROJECT of COGENERATION plants with BIOGAS that benefits the circular economy and the environment.

Also, it has a vast KNOW-HOW in the assistance, operation and maintenance of COGENERATION plants with BIOGAS.


Oiltech Ingeniería y Proyectos S.R.L. supported by their members experience, has a significant KNOW HOW in ELECTRIC POWER GENERATION PLANTS with RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES, offering TRAINING and SPECIALIZED TECHNICAL ADVICE to all our customers and the general public.

  • Electrical generation of energy
  • Renewable energy sources
  • BIOMASS conversion technologies
  • Power generation plants operation with cogeneration and generator sets
  • Electrical power generation plants maintenance with cogeneration and generator sets.
  • BIOGAS plants operation.
  • BIOGAS plants maintenance.
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