At Oiltech Ingeniería y Proyectos S.R.L. we give answer to the National and International market requirements in precision mechanics offering mounting services and Turbomachinery maintenance.


We are experts on turbines mounting and maintenance. We have engineers, qualified inspectors and expert technicians to develop the GE, SIEMENS, LMZ, HITACHI, ANSALDO turbines service in situ. Our technicians have developed as TA for more than 30 years going through a service under the highest technical standards.

  • Turbines maintenance and mounting strategic plans production and analysis.
  • Diagnosis of elements pertaining to the equipment environment (supports, study of stress in pipes, vibrations, etc.).
  • List of spare parts necessary for maintenance.
  • General repair of gas and steam turbines.
  • Dimensional control.
  • Adjustment of bearings, rotors, diaphragms and seals.
  • Alignment of rotors and internal rotors.
  • Alignment measurement.
  • Final adjustments.
  • Cleaning and verification of lubrication circuits, pedestals, piping and bearings.
  • Repair and control of auxiliary equipment (central lubrication unit, steam ejectors, main and auxiliary pumps).
  • Testing, tuning and operational control.


We rely on qualified personnel to intervene in your equipment under the highest standards. We have certified measurement instruments and equipment to do the predictive maintenance. We cover from the monitoring and control phase to the corrective intervention.

  • Predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance of air and gas compressors, alternative and rotary.
  • Visual inspection, mass balance, radial/axial clearance control.
  • Alignment, bearing change, reparation and/or valve change, retainers and seals.
  • Radial clearance control at labyrinths
  • Diffuser assembly and clearance control, labyrinth seal adjustment and alignment
  • Start up


We offer a calendar of Practical Theoretical Courses that allow learning, consolidating and developing the best practices of the Turbomachinery Maintenance.

  • Turbo compressors types
  • Sealing in Turbomachinery (technology, applications and failure modes).
  • Steam turbines and auxiliary equipment
  • Gas turbines and their auxiliary equipment
ISO 9001:2015
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